Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians, Teachers and Students,

Affectionate greetings from Christ King Higher Secondary School, Kohima. The grip of Covid-19 Pandemic has not left us yet. This prolonged pandemic has taught mankind to rely on God as the last remedy. Human intelligence and capabilities have failed greatly to save us from this destructive power of the Pandemic. In short, we are humbled and are taught to be spontaneously or willfully submissive in seeking God’s merciful intervention to save us from this pandemic. The present scenario has compelled us to recourse to e-learning, the sole means of educating our children during these series of unending lock-downs. When the possibilities of Offline Classes are shattered, the Online Mode of learning is enforced to cater to the educative needs of our children.
E-Learning is an online learning system through electronic gadgets – computer, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc., in which – timely assistance, follow-up and guidance of the parents/guardians becomes an indispensable component for the effective and healthy learning of the children. Persevering efforts and sacrifices are asked from.....................

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