1. The Shield: The shield protects the warrior as well as bears out the identity of the candidate with signs imprinted on it.
  2. The Cross and the blood: Jesus suffered and died, sacrificed willingly on the cross for humanity, shedding to the last drop of blood and water.
  3. The Naga Spear: The Naga spear stands for Naga people and warriors who bravely sacrificed their lives for the people in the village
  4. The Pelican and chicks:

    a) A legend has it that pelicans revived their lifeless chicks by sprinkling blood on them. The father or mother pelican would use its sharp beak to pierce its      breast, and then sprinkle the blood from the wound on its young. The blood would then revitalize the chicks.

    b) Charbonneau-Lassay explains that, “like the pelican’s young, the human race is dead to the life of the spirit and soiled by its sins. The Savior poured his blood      over humanity, purifying it by his sacrifice, and gave it back true life.” The pelican thus became a “type” for Christ.

    c) The main point is that the pelican was willing to would itself to save its offspring.

    d) Similarly, the outstanding character of a student of Christ King School must be, willingness to sacrifice self for the good of the others/ society.

  5. Established: in the year 1969
  6. The Book : With knowledge and wisdom, To Lead And To Share