(For the conduct of examinations the school follows the guidelines set by the Nagaland Board of School Education and State Council of Education for Research and Training)

  1. There will be three quarterly tests. Progress reports will be sent to the parents to appraise them of the progress of their children.
  2. Equal importance is given to the results of all the tests for promotion to the next class.
  3. A student who fails to get the minimum required pass marks or gets only a single digit mark in any of the major subject – English, Mathematics and Science,may not be promoted.
  4. Students failing to secure 80% of attendance are not eligible for promotion to the next class.
  5. A student who fails to appear for the Unit Test without any prior information will not be allowed to attend the class without the permission of the Principal.
  6. A student who is absent for the test with prior permission from the Principal may be given a chance to reappear the same test later. The right to grant permission depends on the Principal after studying the case and determining the seriousness of it.
  7. Use of unfair means during the External Evaluation/Examinations in any form is considered as a very serious offence which will ultimately lead to expulsion from the examination and cancellation of all the appeared papers/subjects.
  8. Students found using unfair means during the examination will be issued Transfer Certificate at the end of the year.
  9. Principal will give out the results of the Mid Term examination of class 9 and 10 to the parents/guardians. In all cases of promotion or failure the Principal’s decision is final.

1. Scheme of Studies for Classes XI & XII

The scheme of studies and subjects for Classes XI & XII shall be as prescribed by the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE). There will be six (six) external subjects including 1 (one) additional subject and 3 (three) internally assessed subjects. The additional subject is optional.
I. Compulsory
1. English
II. Elective (any four)
1. History
2. Political Science
3. MIL or Alt. English
4. Sociology
5. Education
III. Internally Assessed Subjects
1. Environmental Education
2. Work and Art Education
3. Physical and Health Education
4. Religion and Values

2. Scheme of Examinations


The pattern of Higher Secondary Examinations shall be as follows: –
A. Class XI
The date and time of the examination will be fixed by the Nagaland Board of School Education. The question papers for the promotion exam will be given by the Board. The evaluation and the provisional result will be prepared by the institution. The result will be approved and counter signed by the Controller of Examination (NBSE) before it is declared by the institution. The successful candidates of Class XI Promotion Examination will be given Pass Certificate by the NBSE after the declaration of the results.
B. Class XII
Selection for Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate will be determined on the basis of the student’s total record of performance in the academic year. The Principal’s decision in this regard will be final and binding. The Board shall conduct the Class XII Examination. The examination shall be based on the syllabus of Class XII.

2.2 Pass Criteria and Classification of successful candidates:

  1. 33 marks in each subject is the pass mark.
  2. Classification of result:
    • III Division: 165 to 224.
    • II Division: 225 to 299.
    • I Division: 300 marks and above.