1. No student will be allowed to sit in the class without school diary.
  2. Late comers and students who do not wear the complete uniform will not be allowed to attend the class.
  3. The students may be asked to discontinue in the school and be given the Transfer Certificate if the parents or guardians, on notification, fail to come to the school on the day notified.
  4. Any damage done to the property must be made good by the student concerned. If the offenders are not discovered a collective fine may be imposed.


  1. All students should be punctual for class on every working day. Late-comers will not be allowed to enter the class without the written permission of the Principal/Headmistress.
  2. No pupil should be absent for more than two days without obtaining prior leave. Staying away from school without leave is not tolerated. No leave of absence will be sanctioned nor will a pupil be allowed to go away from the school during the school hours without the written application for leave from his/her parent/guardian, stating the reason. Reasons such as birthdays, excursions, religious services, check-ups, festivals, urgent business, time to study for examination, etc. are not considered as sufficient.
  3. Whenever a leave has been sanctioned it is to be entered in the Student Monitoring Device in the leave page.
  4. No absentee will be allowed to enter the class without the proper reasons signed by the guardians and counter-signed by the Headmistress or Principal. Class teachers are to take care of one or two days of absence. More than two days and special days of absence,need the special permission of the Principal/ Headmistress with proper reasons.
  5. A student who is absent from the school for ten consecutive days without permission will be marked He/She will be readmitted as a ‘Left’. matter of course. If he/she is to be readmitted he/she will have to pay there admission fees.
  6. In case of sickness,the school authority must be notified without delay and a medical certificate should be produced.
  7. Students who do not have at least 80% attendance may not be permitted to appear for the promotion examination.
  8. Students must rejoin the school after the holidays (summer holidays, Easter holidays, Puja holidays & winter vacation), on the reopening day. Any breach of this rule will be considered an offence and a fine of Rs.100/-per day will be levied. After five days of no-show, students are liable to forfeit school seats.
  9. Those who “Runaway” from school after taking the attendance or those who bunk any hour of the class will be severely punished. Parents will be called to meet the Principal/Headmistress and the class teacher.
  10. Those who leave home for school, but do not reach the school should remember that their names will be deleted from the school rolls. Parents and well wishers are kindly requested to inform the school authority if the students in uniform are found roaming during the school hours.