Greetings to you dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Students,SR. MELISSA, V. P

At the outset, let me express word of gratitude to you, for the opportunity you offered us to serve you through educational ministry.  It is very unfortunate that, this year too we are under the grip of Covid-19 pandemic and our educational institutions could not function as they should and children are the victims of this.

As the pandemic forces schools to move education online, I am glad that schooling hasn’t stopped altogether and that in the future we will not have to learn the whole program at once. But at times the lessons may not go well as they do in the classrooms due to network issues we don’t hear each other’s voices. It cannot be interactive as it should be like in a normal classroom.

The Covid- 19 Pandemic has presented many challenges to Students, Educators, and Parents. During these hard times that the world is experiencing, it is easy to panic and get upset. It may seem that our previous life would never return. Those negative thoughts and feeling can really get us down. Nevertheless, let us not be discouraged and bow our heads down to the Pandemic to take control of our lives, but let us trust in the Lord who is the source of all Power and Might who can calm the storm of life’s sea in a single moment. We surrender to the Divine Providence who has control over our lives and the universe.


With kind regards and praying God’s blessings!
Yours affectionately,

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Sr. Melissa Darlong, BS.
Christ King Hr. Sec. School, Kohima.